Line Chef

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Details

Position: Line Chef in L'ETO restaurant branch

Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Type: Full-time

Contract type: Limited, 2 years


Job overview

L'ETO group company as one of the leading F&B companies across the Gulf region is looking to hire a new team member to join its experienced team.

Ensuring a pleasant and swift service for the guests approaching the restaurant by a call, online inquiry or a visit. Coordinating and performing the kitchen orders in an efficient manner in order to deliver the memorable experience to the guests by satisfying their needs on time and with no disturbance. Ensuring the food quality and presentation is on top level and ready for an Instagram story right away!

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Working in the kitchens equipment for the cold dishes, hot dishes and sweets service;
  • Following the standard recipes for the seasonal menu while being flexible and attentive to the guest’s comments and requests;
  • Keeping the section clean as you go, following FIFO and the hygiene standards on the top level;
  • Finding the best efficient way to serve the food while following the company’s recipes;
  • Ensuring the kitchen area is always clean, sanitized and ready for every single dish being made in a perfect environment;
  • To be responsible and fully involved in the restaurant’s operation;
  • Doing inventories and stock takes on a permanent basis, refilling the stocks on time keeping the par levels and ensuring the availability of all ingredients always;
  • Collecting the feedbacks from the guests and front of house employees forwarding to the management for further action & consideration and quality of product improvement;
  • Ensuring the equipment is taken care of and managed in a proper manner to avoid any breakdowns;
  • Performing the duties according to the weekly schedule;

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Previous UAE or Gulf-region experience as a chef;
  • Being aware of the food allergens, where they live and how to work with them;
  • Being a positive, self-confident and ambitious person;
  • Being ready to be accepted by a warm and friendly team;
  • Being ready for trainings and food tastings;
  • Upper-Intermediate English speaking;
  • Active laptop & mobile user (manuals, schedules, reports, team announcements are online);
  • Neat & tidy personality;
  • Having high level of ownership and responsibility;
  • Ready to work with fish, meat, seafood, pasta and other various ingredients which may be not friends with each other, but combinations make guests go crazy.
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