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The international restaurant chain with nutritious healthy food and exclusive desserts
for partners
The international restaurant chain with nutritious
healthy food and exclusive desserts
Restaurant where guest can have it all: from regional breakfast dishes to a fine dining a la carte menu, and last, but not least, our main attraction – the outstanding range of unique cakes.
First caffe opened in London in 2011. Since that we stand by our commitment to bring the most pleasurable eating experiences and memories that count!
7 countries
Branches are open around the world in 7 countries to make our amazing guests happy through the virtue of our food.
40 branches
Our well-defined concept means that we run a no- nonsense all-awesome operations in each of 39 branches.
1000 members
More a 1000 staff members of L'ETO team bring pleasure and delights to our wonderful customers
Benefits of L’ETO

Powerful brand

  • We create a cozy interior in every branches
  • We surround the guest with care and think over all the details so that L’ETO becomes a favorite spot with warm hospitality
  • We keep consistent quality of the product, ambiance of the restaurants, the high level of caring service
  • Exclusive identity & marketing

Profitable business model

  • L’ETO Is a global company with great assets and great opportunities
  • Each branch is the successful project
  • Organisation efficiency, constant business development and optimisation are the fundamentals of positive results

Operational standards

& supervision

  • We have successful experience in managing the operations
  • All team members learn and trained under professional mentoring
  • We arranged supply chain of exclusive products and materials
L'eto is strong product

our popular cake displays is the highlight over the world

menu has plenty of options for the health conscious

an eclectic breakfast menu with dishes to suit all needs and appetites

we are sensitive to the interior, the space organisation of the branch. Our designers create an interior project individually for each project

health is a priority, that’s why everything they produce comes on a high standard of freshness

we pride themselves on being experts in coffee making, from the careful selection of their beans to adding the finishing touch to a latte


We are looking for people with whom we can build a successful business. It is important for us that you share our principles:


Guest is a meaning

of our work


The pursuit of excellence. We are confident that everything can be

done better than before

People is our asset, and the success is based on people

Territory and branch fees
Monthly Royalty and royalty deposit
Management supervision,
supply charges
Meeting the requirements for the fit-out, equipment purchase, team manning and training, stock and material purchase
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If you still have questions or you already want to open a L'ETO restaurant in your city —
write to us.
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