Restaurant Supervisor

Dubai, UAE

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Restaurant Supervisor in L'ETO branch


Dubai, UAE

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Limited, 2 years

Job overview

Ensuring a pleasant and swift service for the guests approaching the restaurant by a call, online inquiry or a visit. Coordinating the front of house, bar and kitchen operations in an efficient manner in order to deliver the memorable experience to the guests by satisfying their needs on time and with no disturbance. Ensuring the ingredients in the chillers and final product on the guest’s tables is on its top level and up to the standard.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Organization of the restaurant operations on a daily basis with a various shift assignment;
  • Ensuring the personnel’s full awareness of the menu and service offered by the brand;
  • Keeping the restaurant clean and organized for the full day service while following the food code requirements;
  • Finding the best efficient way to serve the food/drinks/pastries in the restaurant regardless of the footfall;
  • Engaging the staff on the allocated shift to work in the best and positive mood getting along with the reaching the branch’s sales and performance targets;
  • Planning the staff’s schedule ensuring the maximum efficiency and swift performance;
  • Managing and assisting with the minor documentation required from and for staff’s (sick leave, leave application, various HR requests);
  • To be responsible and fully involved in the restaurant’s operation;
  • Doing inventories and stock takes on a permanent basis, refilling the stocks on time keeping the par levels and ensuring the availability of all ingredients always;
  • Predicting and/or preventing the guest’s dissatisfaction on every possible level;
  • Making the guest’s comments work positively for the company’s improvements, prosperity and growth;
  • Ensuring the equipment is taken care of and managed in a proper manner with permanently performed maintenance;
  • Arranging the records, files and service reports required for the restaurant’s operation;
  • Performing the duties according to the weekly schedule.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Previous UAE or Gulf Experience on a managerial position (at least 8-14 staff members);
  • Being super friendly, super strict and super fair to the team;
  • Being a positive, self-confident and ambitious person;
  • Being ready to be accepted by a warm and friendly team;
  • Additional trainings, tastings, guidance will be provided;
  • English speaking; Russian knowledge is a nice asset;
  • Active laptop & mobile user (manuals, schedules, reports, team announcements are online);
  • Neat & Tidy personality;
  • Having high level of ownership and responsibility.

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Restaurant Supervisor, Dubai, UAE
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