Amman, Jordan

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Waiter in L'ETO branch


Amman, Jordan

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Job overview

Ensuring a pleasant and swift service for the guests approaching the restaurant by a visit. Coordinating the bar/kitchen/pastry orders in an efficient manner in order to deliver the memorable experience to the guests by satisfying their needs on time and with no disturbance. Providing the most updated menu offers along with the best options for guests’ selection and consumption within the restaurant premises or via online inquiry.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greeting the guests in the most pleasant manner and escorting to the best available table;
  • Introducing the menu with its best offers and taking the order according to the guest’s preferences with the full knowledge of the ingredients, prices and presentation;
  • Serving the drinks/cakes/food according to the taken order;
  • Ensuring the restaurant area is always clean, sanitized and ready for the guest’s visit including the common areas of the restaurant;
  • To be responsible and fully involved in the restaurant’s operation;
  • Taking the cash & card payments;
  • Collecting the feedbacks from the guests forwarding to the management for further action & consideration;
  • Providing the full service to the guests including the order receiving, placing the order into the system, delivering the order to the guests, cleaning the plates, cutleries, billing out the guests;
  • Performing the duties according to the weekly schedule.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a waiter or in F&B field;
  • Arabic speaking; English knowledge is a nice asset;
  • Being a positive, self-confident and ambitious person;
  • Being ready to be accepted by a warm and friendly team;
  • Neat & tidy personality;
  • Having high level of ownership and responsibility.

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Waiter, Amman, Jordan
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